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It has turned out that there are a lot of single girls that are eager to find their love. A mail-order wife is a woman that has advertised her profile in order to find a perfect man. Mostly, girls are focused on someone abroad, from a more developed country, and it is a totally new experience for them. As a result, there are mail order bride agencies where you can buy a wife, not literally, of course. Nowadays, the problem of finding a bride is solved much more easily due to different dating websites.

Where Are the Best Mail Order Brides & Dating From?

There is no distinct answer to this question. In every country, there are girls that want to find someone. It is not difficult to find some European divorced mail order brides or beauties from Asian countries. Even there are American brides for marriage. Recently, more girls from European and post-Soviet countries have begun looking for a man from overseas. Therefore, the best way to find a foreign bride is to try dating websites.

Characteristics of Legitimate Mail Order Brides & Dating

It is common knowledge that everyone is different. However, there are traits of character that are common for most girls that have decided to use such mail-order bride dating platforms. Here are some of the most outstanding traits peculiar to mail order wives.


At first sight, it may not seem so difficult to start dating online, but communication with a foreigner is somewhat scary. In addition, women fill their profiles with personal info and photos. It is necessary to understand that a person from abroad has a totally different cultural background and world view and different national characteristics. Moreover, in case of successful matching, they will have to move to another country and probably learn a new language. That is why girls that have decided to become mail order brides are brave enough to face their fears while looking for a husband. They are perfect for creating strong and loving families.

Mail Order Bride


While checking mail order bride catalogue, you will see that every female is very attractive. They show the best of them without covering their natural beauty. Age does not matter. Either a young girl or an older woman looks gorgeous. If you do not believe the photos, do not worry. You will be able to have video calls and talk face-to-face to reassure how adorable they are. It can be your greatest achievement of winning such beauty.


Probably from childhood, these girls understand the importance of family. With such strong feelings, they grow up and want to marry someone who shares the same family values in order to create a loving family. They are ready to be perfect wives that will take care of children and husband. However, they expect to have a strong man that will support them.

What Features Must the Effective Mail Order Bride & Dating Sites Have?

It is possible to find free mail order brides almost on every mail-order bride dating website. However, it is better to look for premium international dating platforms that can provide a secure environment for all members to establish successful long-term relationships.

Free Registration

Excellent dating websites know that not everyone is sure about using such a kind of way to their love. It is important to give a free trial to new members, so they will see if they want to continue. In addition, it allows to attract more users, so there will be more opportunities to choose. Many mail-order bride dating sites may offer you to register with a Facebook or Google account, but it is not very safe. If you want to avoid collecting personal information from social networks, it is better to register with a separate email.


It can be said that online dating is partially free because for additional features you will have to pay. Some mail-order bride websites prefer to offer subscription plans. They provide you with much more possibilities for communication. However, they are not very good as it may seem. Nobody uses online dating 24/7, so there will be a lot of unused time that you have paid for. It is much better to pay for additional features only when you use them. As a result, you will not have to periodically pay after the end of the subscription. That will tremendously save your money. Therefore, there is no distinct answer to the question of how much do mail order brides cost as it all depends on your actions and decisions.

24/7 Customer Support

Online dating is open for people of different ages. However, not everyone is tech-savvy, so the support team is an essential part of every mail-order bride dating platform. It must be easily reachable via live chat, phone call, or email. You may feel that you can trust them and talk about problems that have occurred. In addition, they will help to solve any billing issue.

Fraud Protection

You should understand that not every person is honest. Some users may want to deceive you in order to get your money. That is why every elite dating site has its management team. They monitor the activity of all members to check any suspicious behavior. If someone is asking for money, personal information, private photos or even communicates in a very rude manner, the management team will check this person. It is necessary to mention: if you have noticed such a kind of behavior, do not hesitate to report it.

Member Validation

An important feature that every good service must have is member validation. It helps to check if the person is real and if information about them is true. That is why members can be asked to verify themselves using government-issued ID. As a result, it significantly decreases chances of frauds.

Positive Reviews

Another important point of a good dating website is positive reviews. It is true that not every mail order wives dating platform is honest with its reviews. They may have history of successful couples, but not each of them leaves feedback, and the mail-order bride website have to get them somehow. Therefore, it is easy to notice an honest review of real members. It will be sincere and not too long.

Advanced Search Tool

When you are looking for cheap mail order brides, you definitely have some preferences. By using an advanced search engine within the mail-order bride site, you should be able to find a lady not only of a certain age and hair color but also country, nationality, height, eye color, figure etc. It significantly simplifies opportunities to get oversees brides free of charge.

Optional Additional Services

Dating websites are international, which means that they might have some offices in different countries. It allows them to provide wonderful additional services that will only help you to improve relationships.

Delivery of Real Gifts

It is a wonderful possibility to show your excitement and compliment the divorced European mail order bride you like. With real delivery, you can buy flowers, perfumes, chocolate, sweets, toys, or even a smartphone if you would like. It usually takes 8 working days to deliver your gift. Moreover, you will receive a photo confirmation that your gift was successfully delivered.

Real Meeting

It is really an astonishing service that helps two people arrange a real date. In order to use it, the members must validate themselves on the mail-order bride website and both of them must agree on a real meeting. Only then, it will be available. However, it is necessary to mention that expenses on the flight and accommodation are totally your responsibility.

Contact Exchange

High ranked mail-order bride dating platforms care about personal information of users, and it is impossible for a random user to get it. Only after some communication with a specific person and account verification, you may request personal contacts of the girl you like. If she agrees, you will be provided with email, phone number, and maybe some links to profiles on social networks. As a result, you can continue to communicate outside the mail-order bride website.


It is important to understand that relationships at a distance are difficult to maintain. There are wonderful dating websites that can offer you perfect mail order brides and opportunities for communication. Nevertheless, they do not guarantee success. Just be attentive to another person, and you will definitely find your love.


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