Dating Latinas: Сolombia-Citas Review

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The first glimpse of the overall cool Сolombia-citass dating app is not as impressive as you would expect. It seems to be a dating website of a social network type. The design of the website is a bit too outdated and has not that many users. But that’s just the first glimpse in the С review. When you dig deeper, you learn that the website is pretty useful.

The great news for mobile users – the review shows that Сolombia-citas dating website has an app! It is available for both Android and iOS users. The fact that the website is available officially is pretty promising and says a lot about the safety of the service. Check out the rest of the Сolombia-citas dating site review to find out whether the site meets your requirements and could be helpful in your situation.

Find Your True-love

Olivia 32 y.o.
Camilla 31 y.o.
Elena 29 y.o.
Julia 34 y.o.
Cecilia 33 y.o.
Laura 30 y.o.
San Paulo

Editor’s Summary

Most reviews left by users on various independent websites are positive. They highlight in reviews the fact that the site is simple at first glance and has less users than mainstream cool websites, but it’s more useful than other apps. The following review proves the simplicity of the website. The design has only useful parts and sections, using the search is easy, there are many profiles of Colombian ladies, and overall, Сolombia-citas review of website proves it to be pretty useful to start romantic relations.



  • Easy to use.
  • Simple design.
  • Availability and accessibility on most platforms (iOS, Android).
  • Has simple profiles.
  • Great matchmaking mechanism.
  • Thorough questionnaire.


  • Outdated design.
Сolombia-Citas main page

Success Stories from Colombian Dating Sites

Success Story #1 Image
Bill and Alina LatinFeels logo
Bill, a 34-year-old businessman from the United States, decided to try his luck with online dating when he stumbled upon the Colombian dating site, ColombiaLady. After creating his profile, he began browsing through potential matches and came across Alina, a 28-year-old teacher from Colombia. They immediately hit it off, chatting and getting to know each other better through the site's messaging and video call features. Over time, their relationship blossomed, and they eventually decided to meet in person. Bill flew to Colombia to meet Alina, and they spent two weeks getting to know each other and exploring the beautiful sights of the country. They quickly realized that they were meant to be, and a few months later, Alina moved to the United States to be with Bill.
Success Story #2 Image
Austin and Mila LaDate logo
Austin, a 29-year-old engineer from Canada, was eager to find someone special when he signed up for the Colombian dating site, LatinWomanLove. He instantly connected with Mila, a 26-year-old journalist from Colombia who shared his interests and values. They started talking every day, getting to know each other better through the site's messaging and video call features. After several months of talking online, Austin decided to take the next step and fly to Colombia to meet Mila in person. They spent an incredible week together, exploring the country and learning more about each other's culture. They felt a strong connection and quickly fell in love. Austin and Mila continued their relationship long-distance, with frequent visits back and forth between Canada and Colombia. They eventually got married and started building a life together, with Mila moving to Canada to start a new chapter in their lives.


Great news, Сolombia-citas reviews and the current review prove one important thing – the service is free of charge. If you look at the left side of the screen when you open this amazing app, you see a “Donate” section. If you like this amazing dating site, just donate 2 to 100 euros to this non-profit organization. But note, it’s a voluntary action. You may use the services of this amazing site free of charge, as stated by С reviews.

What Is Сolombia-Citas.Com?

Even though the first glimpse of this romantic dating website seems to remind you of a social network, Сolombia-citas is a dating service. It is a simple and useful dating service with only useful sections and functions. The reviews mention the simplicity of the website, and that’s the truth. The service is simple, and it’s easy to use it.

Overall, there are five important section of the cool romantic website:

  • Home page.
  • Search mechanism.
  • Private messages section.
  • Chat (need to be registered.
  • Activities (shows recent uploads, profile additions, etc.).

All these sections are found on the left side of the screen when you open the amazing dating site. If you check out the upper section of the screen, there is a field where users change languages and create accounts. Users recommend in reviews to immediately switch to English for easier usage of this amazing service. Then check out the registration section since creating an account allows you to use such awesome functions as matchmaking and chat.

But is Сolombia-citas a good dating site? The reviews are positive; it’s extremely easy to use the site, the profiles are pretty attractive and full, the questionnaire is decent, so you can say that yes, the service is good and worthy of your time. Check it out since it is free, and you gain a great chance to meet Colombian gorgeous ladies.

The great news is that it is available in many countries and used by males and females to find love. So if you are a woman and feel attracted to Colombians, then check out this cool site and test your luck. You may meet love within one day of using this simple and yet useful website.

How Does Сolombia-Citas Work?

To start using this amazing service, create an account. The reviews of members and this current review prove that you can check out some functions without an account. For example, check out the search, the profiles of attractive people, etc. But if you want to start benefiting to the fullest while using this amazing service, create an account.

Сolombia-citas dating site reviews, as well as this review, prove that the questionnaire is very thorough when you create an account. That’s why users suggest switching to the English language. It’s one of the best features of the service since it allows matching compatible individuals. A simple example, if you want to meet a gorgeous lady from Colombia, add in a questionnaire perfect traits that you value in women. The amazing matchmaking mechanism will do the rest.

Users absolutely love the matchmaking system in the “Find members” section of the Сolombia-citas service. It’s even better than the Сolombia-citas free search even though it is so useful. The amazing matchmaking system of Сolombia-citas offers to choose the traits you value in the opposite sex, and it will match you with individuals who are near you or who live in the preferred countries.

Сolombia-Citas search


Creating an account is a simple step, even though it requires some time. To make sure each user is successful on this amazing website and finds desirable individuals, the website offers a pretty thorough questionnaire. There are some questions related to the desirable traits in the opposite sex, what is a perfect age for your potential partner, country, region, etc.

When you complete the questionnaire, just save the changes and proceed to the sections you want to check out. So, is Сolombia-citas any good? Yes, the reviews on Сolombia-citas are positive, and most mention that the matchmaking system is good due to the questionnaire.

Profile Quality

So, the truth about Сolombia-citas is that it has less users than the mainstream websites. But there is a positive side of the fact – most users are real. Mainstream websites have lots of fake profiles, while this service offers greater quality. Skip the accounts of users who didn’t complete the questionnaire to the fullest, and start dating those who have spent some time and effort to complete their profiles. The pictures belong to real individuals, and most people are attractive and gorgeous.

Safety & Security

The Сolombia-citass service seems to be pretty safe. Most users try to keep it civil, and the overall atmosphere is friendly on the cool site. So, is Сolombia-citas worth it? Yes, Сolombia-citas is worth a try!

Help & Support

The Сolombia-citass support team is pretty standard. Type a message in the Сolombia-citas support section, then wait several hours to several days for a response.

Сolombia-Citas registration


Is Сolombia-Citas Safe?

It seems the Сolombia-citas website is free, so most users are asking whether the site is safe. The reviews of members claim it is safe. The following review on Сolombia-citas dating site also proves the safety of the website. The best idea would be to still be careful as not to give any important personal information. Reviews state, if you follow the rules, you are safe.

Is С A Real Dating Site?

Yes, even though reviews claim the service reminds of a social network, it is still romantically oriented. Here members create accounts, add personal information, and date gorgeous individuals. It even has a useful app available on iOS and Android devices. So, it’s real and cool!

How Many Members Does С Have?

The reviews claim there are plenty of active users. The members of the community also claim the site is pretty successful at connecting the right individuals. It is a promising app which is able to connect members with similar interests who have the potential to become happy and to fall in love in the future.

Is С Worth It?

The “is Сolombia-citas worth paying for” question is pretty common among potential users. The great news is – Сolombia-citas is free. There is a “donate” button which offers to pay for the cool services, but it is only up to you to decide whether you want to donate something. Overall, the Сolombia-citas service is worthy of your time and efforts.

How To Use С

It’s an easy to use and cool site, so just open the web page and start using it! Before you create an account, you get an amazing chance to check out all the available options. First, click on the English language to make sure you understand everything. Second, scroll down and check out the amazing profiles. If you like what you see, go ahead, make a profile. It’s easy!

Is С Free?

Yes, the platform is surprisingly convenient since it is free of charge. if you check out the “Donate” button, you may send some payment to this non-profit organization, but it’s totally up to you. The reviews are positive about the Сolombia-citass website, and they highlight its usefulness. So, it is a cool website which is free of charge.

Can I Use С Anonymously?

Сolombia-citas dating reviews mention it is an automatic function. You automatically browse through the profiles and feel safe. If you want to attract the attention of a gorgeous Colombian lady, just message her. And if you want to start dating beautiful and attractive people, use the Matchmaking function since it’s fun to utilize it.

How Can I Delete My С Profile?

It’s as simple as clicking your fingers. Just go to the settings section and choose the deletion option. Make sure you remember the password. The reviews mention – without a password, you won’t delete the Сolombia-citas profile. Other than this, the process is fairly simple.

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